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Legal assistance for migrants and refugees
Accelerated adaptation and integration in the country

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Юридическая помощь для беженцев
Ускоренная адаптация и интеграция в стране

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Юридическая помощь для беженцев
Ускоренная адаптация и интеграция в стране


Helping refugees from

We want to support people who are forced to leave Ukraine.

One of the priority areas of our social activities is migration law, asylum issues and human rights.

Thanks to our initiative and the professional support of our partners and volunteers we have built a team of like-minded people, who help refugees in various areas of everyday  life.

Persons in Need of Protection (protection 'S' status)
This is a temporary status granted to citizens of Ukraine for the duration of the military situation in their homeland
Asylum Seekers (Status 'N')
This is a temporary status granted to persons who apply for recognition as temporarily admitted persons (status 'F') or refugees (Category 'B' residence permit), while their case is pending.
Temporary Admitted Persons ('F' Status)
This is a temporary status granted to persons whose return to their homeland is not allowed due to dangerous conditions (natural disasters, war, etc.).
Recognized refugees (residence permit category 'B')
This is a temporary residence permit granted to persons recognized as refugees in accordance with the principles of the Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees.
<strong>Legal</strong> assistance

Legal assistance

  • asylum counseling andinformation support;
  • interactionwith federal refugee reception and registration centers, government agencies and institutions, public and humanitarian organizations;
  • legal protection and representation with official government agencies;
  • interpreter services.
<strong>Humanitarian</strong> aid

Humanitarian aid

  • collection and delivery ofhumanitarian aid items: clothing and footwear, personal hygiene products, baby food, educational supplies, etc.;
  • evacuation of refugeesfrom the border territories;
  • providing those in need with temporary housing in Switzerland;
  • organizing social eventsand meetings for adults and children in order to integrate them in their new place of residence;
  • volunteer helpon various issues.
<strong>Psychological</strong> assistance

Psychological assistance

  • psychological support for people who find themselves in a difficult life situation and in a state of grief;
  • mediation of psychological conflict situations between refugees and people working with them, including the refugees and host families;
  • psychological support and assistance in the integration of refugee children in to the Swiss schooling system;
  • assistance in accessing and utilizing inner resources for successful adaptation and integration.


Our platform was created as a one-stop online legal service with the aim of providing qualified assistance by experienced lawyers and attorneys in various fields of law.

We help foreigners, migrants and refugees to adapt to all areas of daily life in Switzerland.

Our services can be useful if you have a problem that you cannot solve because of a language barrier or lack of legal knowledge. In addition, our online platform offers useful information to help you integrate into life in Switzerland.

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03 _____ 7 STAGESHow we work
with our customers



Free consultation

  • Initial consideration of the issue, obtaining the necessary information;
  • A preliminary forecast of the prospects for your case;
  • Determination of the cost of providing services (if necessary).


Signing the contract

  • Agreement of the terms of the contract, terms and procedure of payment for services;
  • Signing the contract for the provision of legal services;
  • Transfer of documents.


Situation analysis

  • Detailed analysis of the situation and study of case materials, taking into account the current legislation and judicial practice;
  • Definition of possible options for resolving your situation, identification of risks and possible difficulties;
  • Professional recommendations and orientation on the choice of further actions.


Choosing a strategy

  • Collection of necessary data and documents;
  • Elaboration of a legal position;
  • Development of strategies and tactics to solve problems.


Performing the work

  • Preparation of necessary documents, notarization;
  • Sending documents to the appropriate agencies to obtain government services or permits.


Informing the client

  • Providing full information on the current state of affairs at the request of the client;
  • Strict adherence to confidentiality of data received from the client.


Report on the results of the work performed

  • Receiving answers, decisions and documents from state authorities;
  • Transfer of prepared documents to the client, final explanations and clarifications of your case.

04 _____ YOUR HELP

Help together with us

In the current difficult circumstances not everyone can afford the services of a lawyer.

We provide free counseling to people forced to leave Ukraine.

We would welcome any financial support from you, because it will help us provide assistance to all those who need it.


You can participate and help refugees as a VOLUNTEER

Write to us at help@seep.ch the note VOLUNTEER:

If you are a citizen of Ukraine, moved to Switzerland, want to become a volunteer and help people in need of protection.

*In the future, you will have the opportunity to get a paid employment contract as part of the activities of our public organization.

If you live in Switzerland, are not indifferent to the situation and want to help as a volunteer

Write or call us on any of our messengers or emails.

You can sign up for a FREE CONSULTATION on our website

Пишите или звоните нам на любой из мессенджеров или на электронную почту. Подписывайтесь на нас в социальных
сетях, где мы публикуем много важной информации, написанной простым и доступным языком.

Säumerstrasse 30, 8800 Thalwil, Switzerland
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TESTIMONIALSTheir knowledge, expertise, advice and confidence gave me courage, belief and strength needed to help me go through my divorce.




TESTIMONIALSThe level of service I received from GoldenBlatt Law was incredible, through a particularly difficult chapter. They are exceptional.




TESTIMONIALSAs far as this work was concerned, I can say that my wife and I have been extremely impressed with the efficiency and professionalism.




06 _____ FEEDBACKS

The question of public activity. Today you have covered in detail all the issues related to entrepreneurship. You’re doing a very noble job! Thank you very much!

KyivVladislav Kustovsky

The question about the registration of individual entrepreneurial activity in the Canton of Geneva (private lessons). Thank you for the answers. Additions to my question pushed me to new ideas and thoughts. In general, the essence of my question is now clear, I have to think through the details myself. I enjoyed the entire conference. With gratitude.


Thank you very much for the conference. Got answers to my questions about taxation, VAT and customs clearance of goods. And also a bonus from the answers to the other participants I found out how to do accounting and receive payments. Thank you very much, very valuable.

NikolaevAndrey Goncharenko

In the new country there are a lot of questions that you want to get the right answer to. Today we took apart the most basic ones. Thank you very much! You are doing an incredible job, which is just priceless! I will be glad to cooperate.

KharkivNadezhda Volokh

Thank you very much to the organizers and speakers for such a tremendous effort in interpreting legal issues. Very valuable information, easy to understand, step-by-step model of actions. Thank you!

CherkassyDmitry Dikiy

I would like to thank Natalia Lechbinskaya for her lengthy and detailed consultation regarding the custody of my minor sister in Switzerland during the war in Ukraine. I was given a step-by-step flowchart, a list of documents and templates of texts for powers of attorney. I thank you again and hope for a positive outcome.


Many thanks to Natalia! In just 20 minutes, we got a systematic explanation of our options as Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland. It was an exceptionally informative and comprehensive consultation!

We will contact her again.

Sergei and Irina

Thank you Seep and Natalia Lechbinskaya for the reliable information made available regarding adaptation and opportunities in Switzerland.

It is very important to have access to this information so that the life of refugees and the local population is filled with positive and common goals that will contribute to the creation of a comfortable and safe life, based on mutual understanding and respect. The path of a refugee is not easy, but it also opens your eyes to the fact that the world is full of kind people who are willing to lend a helping hand in difficult times. This is very valuable and important.

Thank you and I’m glad that Switzerland and Ukraine can interact at such a high level. And that it doesn’t matter what nationality you are, it is important that you have a good heart and you are ready to help regardless of nationality, because we are all human beings. This refugee journey have given me the opportunity to communicate with a lot of kind people!


We thank SEEP and vice-president Natalya Lechbinskaya, who acts now like a caring mother, giving all of herself to refugees from Ukraine who need support and encouragement.  She helps in every way she can. She literally takes you by the hand and shows you what to do and how to do it. This is a huge help, we would not be able to cope without it.

Natalia, you are a very good, kind and compassionate person. I’m so glad we met you. You have been a great help to me. You and your team are making an invaluable contribution to help Ukrainians! Thank you.


I requested a consultation with SEEP regarding the registration of an individual business in Switzerland, and I am perfectly satisfied with the result. I got a detailed explanation of my situation and the practical steps to follow.   The interaction with Natalia was a mega-positive experience for me. Pure positive emotions! SEEP is a really strong team, with a detail oriented approach and professionalism! I highly recommend SEEP to anyone!


I came here by car and faced a huge problem: “Where can I park here? I turned to SEEP with this question and they helped me solve this issue, thanks a lot to the team. And that is just one of the issues that the SEEP team helped me to solve. Because I don’t know the language, I don’t know the local laws, I don’t know the institutions where I should go to get integrated here. For me, SEEP team was like a personal guardian, they explained to me step by step what I should do and where to go, literally held my hand. To say thank you is in my case is an understatement. I am very grateful to you, thankful that there are such organizations that help everyone and for them there is no concept of “your problems, solve them yourselves” for them all are family and they help everyone.


I am eternally grateful to Natalia and her team for their highly skilled assistance!!! They are the best!!!
On issues ranging from choosing a General Practitioner, health insurance, guidance in signing a work contract and how to renew my residency in Switzerland!!!
In 5 years of working with Natalia, every problem I have brought to her and her team has been resolved positively. Our biggest victory was getting my work and residence permit in Switzerland!


During the processing of my S status, I received a comprehensive, structured consultation from SEEP (confirmed by references to the primary source) on all related issues, namely: obtaining social assistance, opening a bank account, employment, legalization of my educational diploma. I sincerely thank SEEP! I recommend engagement with these responsible professionals!


I learned the S status, by some miracle I got to the collective visit to the bank, which was organized by volunteers from SEEP. All helped with communication in German with the bank manager, the paperwork for opening an account. All the documents came, the account was opened.)
Thank you for your help!


I read on the forums about the possible difficulties with the documents, but local volunteers helped me solve all the problems. SEEP is reliable, professional, and most importantly fast!


Friends, if you apply for S status, you should definitely go to the wizards of SEEP. Their total support at all stages guarantees the result. There are no words to express my delight!


Unfortunately I do not speak German, but with the help of the volunteers, I was able to open a bank account and submit documents to get “S status”. Thanks to the whole SEEP team. You are great!

KievVasily Anatolievich

This is fantastic! So much attention and care from total strangers. Everything was packed, arranged and solved in just a few days. You guys from SEEP are my superheroes!
I would like to thank the entire SEEP team and personally the Vice President of the company!


I would like to thank the entire SEEP team and personally the Vice President of the company!
I received a lot of help with many legal issues in Switzerland, namely in the canton of Zurich.
Namely: Assistance in getting a residence permit; ongoing support in collecting documents, checking and availability; assistance and accompaniment in the procedure of the funeral of my husband in Switzerland; full accompaniment in matters of guardianship and custody; assistance in the integration of children, psychological help; my issues from A to Z have all been resolved with the help of professionals and the full 100% support of lawyers. After that I basically integrate on my own, but I periodically ask questions and always get answers.

Canton ZurichAsya

I had a number of complicated questions about family law, including family reunification and obtaining an S status for a child from Ukraine. I received a very detailed and competent answer from Natalia about how to proceed and what further options were possible. I was sincerely grateful for the lengthy consultation, which, by the way, was on my day off and also free of charge. Natalia is not only a highly qualified specialist, but also a good person with high moral character and a sincere desire to help people who find themselves in a difficult situation.


We applied for asylum in Switzerland because of hostilities in Ukraine, political reasons, and persecution of LGBT people. We were told in detail the steps we needed to take and in which sequence, what documents and confirmations are needed for the case, what the order of consideration is, as well as for staying in Switzerland. Thank you very much for the consultation! In our situation, when our brains find it difficult to deal with the flow of information, we were given clear tasks to do and explainations of the sequence of actions. Now we will get acquainted with the process and collect the necessary documents to make a case and we are very much looking forward to further cooperation.

Moscow, CrimeaAlexander, Timur and Yulia

I applied to SEEP company because I had questions concerning the registration of my child for school. I want to thank the SEEP team for the detailed information and explanation of the step-by-step steps! Thank you! And good luck to you!


I applied to SEEP company with questions concerning the legal aspects of employment, rental accommodation, recognition of diplomas in Switzerland for Ukrainians with temporary protection status S. I was lucky to get a personal response from the manager Ms. Natalia, who gave comprehensive answers to all my questions and was ready to provide support for certain issues in the future. I definitely recommend Swiss Expat Education Platform specialists if you need professional legal support.


I had a lot of questions when I first arrived in Switzerland. The S Status Visa had not yet been confirmed and I could find no relevant information at all. I contacted SEEP and Natalia answered absolutely all the questions that we had by phone. I am eternally grateful not only for the professional answer as a lawyer but also for the moral support at such a difficult time in my life. Later, I also asked about the change of canton. I was involved in the solution to the problem with the other specialists SEEP were also involved in the matter. I received a detailed consultation and including the procedure that I needed to go through.
I received detailed advice and instructions about what to do. I was offered help with all of the letters and requests. I am very grateful for the advice that SEEP provides – literally around the clock advice to the Ukrainians. All the consultations were informative and gave results. Thank you, Natalia, and your team!


I have had to contact Natalia Igorevna and the team at SEEP several times during the past month. They give the best possible answers to all the questions and are very competent! And most importantly they are very friendly and helpful, which in today’s environment is also very important. Thank you very much!


I would like to express my immense gratitude to the lawyer Natalia for the qualified assistance and advice in the case concerning divorce, as well as for her psychological and moral support. My best wishes of prosperity to your lawyer practice!


Thank you, Natalia, for such a cool Telegram channel and special thanks for your help. Your site, it’s just awesome! Very informative and interesting. SEEP helped me very much with the registration. SEEP means speed and quality.


I am closely following your efforts in helping Ukrainians in Switzerland. I admire you, your team and other people who help refugees!


In January 2022, we applied for the marriage. The political situation required great efforts to collect papers and to fight bureaucratic systems. I was persistently sent to Moscow to obtain a bride’s visa, despite the fact that I was a two-year academic guest at the University of Zurich. Since February, the situation worsened. We were informed that waiting in Moscow might take more than 4 months. We’re old people, and we treasure every day we live together. We were much discouraged, realizing that our competence is limited. Natalia has been helping us with both her good sense and her empathy. 6 months of an endless correspondence and finally — the victory! Since July 1, we are the Mehlhase family. The next big step was to get the residence permit for 5 years. We thank the Seep team and personally Natalia Lechbinskaya.

ZurichNatalya and Jürgen Mehlhase

I am very grateful to you for your support of the Ukrainian people, and I take the courage to express gratitude from all Ukrainians. Thank you very much! In difficult moments you have been there for us, and you still help us to stand and overcome all difficulties. We appreciate it very much!


Good day to everyone!

We talked with Natalia on the phone. We discussed all the questions I was interested in and even more. She is a highly skilled specialist and a pleasant person. Many of the issues regarding asylum for Ukrainians have not been regulated by law yet and therefore have no clear solutions. Anyway, many thanks to SEEP for helping and supporting Ukrainians all the time since the beginning of the war. To some extent, our family ended up in Switzerland thanks to SEEP, and we still receive informational support.


We reached out to SEEP team at a complicated moment upon our arrival in Switzerland from Ukraine. After having received the S status, we experienced problems in getting information regarding our situation, which lasted during a month, blocking any further processes. Then we turned to Natalia Lechbinskaya, the head of SEEP by the recommendation of volunteers. She gave us practical advice and consulted in making up a step-by-step action plan.
Consultation with Natalia was extremely productive for us. We sincerely thank her for her professional approach and moral support for our family. Special thanks for helping us choose a family doctor.

Severodonetsk, UkraineNadezhda and Vladimir

The year 2022 granted us with many good acquaintances. We express our great appreciation to Natalia Lechbinskaya and SEEP, on behalf of all the Ukrainian people! You met us in Switzerland and made us feel at home. Your consultations contribute to our integration into the Swiss community, which is valuable and very important for us.

Recruiter and owner of Lovely Job’s Past Co.Albina Past

OUR DEAR FRIENDS!! New Year’s Eve is a time to look back… Natalia! In Switzerland, you and your SEEP team have done so much for us! Thank you!

Svetlana Oleynikova

Natalia many thanks to you and to your entire SEEP team for your professionalism, accuracy, and your kind heart. Special thanks for the thing you said during our conversation: “Smart people are always needed and Switzerland is no exception”. This helped me to pull myself together quickly and find a good job. I still live in Switzerland with my daughter and I often think of you with gratitude. When I get to Zürich, I’ll definitely come and see you. Happy New Year!!!! Happiness, smiles and health!

Lausanne doctor Elena Ostashko

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